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We have three Primary packages to choose from for Support Services. 

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The Break/Fix service model is pretty well the same as you’d be used to going to a regular local computer store but with some added Brock IT value. Normally you’d call up your local computer guy and he’d ask you to bring your PC down to his shop or he’d drive out to your business to fix it. You’d pay for the time he spent there and you both leave happy.

The Problem?

As a business owner you don’t have time to take apart your computer and bring it down to a shop then leave it there for an unknown amount of time while they resolve the problem for you, nor do you want to pay the tech’s travel time to go to your place of business to perform the work. What happens if they’re busy with another customer who’s business is out of town? How long can you afford to wait for your computer to be fixed?

At Brock IT we know there is a better way to service our clients. When you call us, we send you an email with a link to download and install our agent software which is completely free to you. Using this software, whenever you give us permission we can remote into the computer and get you back up and running as quick as possible. No fussing around with your computer to lug it down to your car and risking dropping it in a snow bank!

Most problems can be fixed remotely but for the rare occasions where we need physical access to the computer, we come down to your place of business to perform the work and we can even provide you a loaner computer to make sure you’re able to keep working!

IT Assist

The IT Assist model is used by businesses who either have an internal IT person already or just “Alice down in accounting” who happens to be good with computers. With this service model you’d pay for the services you want in a very “a la Carte” method. This way you can tailor your service to your company’s needs. Need backup and anti-virus software? No problem. Have your own software that monitors your servers? No problem.      You pay for what you need. 

If this sounds familiar, it probably is. Most IT Companies provide this type of service model. So what makes Brock IT different? Every IT company(that we’re aware of anyway) requires a set minimum number of billable hours every month, which is fine and makes complete sense, however you can’t use them on anything you want. We believe that you’ve paid us for those hours and it’s up to you how you spend them. 

Want those hours to go towards a big project you have in a couple months? No Problem! Our hours not only can be used for project work OR maintenance but they don’t expire every month. Our pre-bought hours for ITA agreements(And break/fix for that matter) expire only after 6 months. So if you’re paying for 2 hours a month but only use an hour a month of our service, you’ll have 6 hours of project hours to play with!

Managed Services

Managed Services is the Cadillac in the IT services business. Nearly everything is included and in unlimited quantities. This model appeals to businesses where downtime is simply unacceptable and can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue for only a few hours of downtime.

You see, with managed services because it’s a flat rate, we’re invested in your uptime which means we are extremely proactive fixing small problems before they turn into big ones because we’re keeping a close eye on your environment through monitoring everything from how full your front desk computer’s hard drive is getting to temperatures on your servers and even networking equipment.

Part of this service is also meetings with your vCIO(virtual Chief Information Officer) at Brock IT where we go over your environment explaining issues we’ve come across and what we’ve done to resolve them. We provide detailed reports showing the IT health of your company including how many computers are behind on their patches!

Using our Managed Services Model, it truly is a set it and forget it, hands off, no stress, approach to your IT needs.

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